Favorite Issues: Grouping & Fast Access

Cloud Version

The Cloud version is much simpler and pretty straightforward for using. Leverage user favorites for better work & collaboration

Data Center Version

In order to see your favorite issues click on the circle button as on the screenshot below and click “My Favorites“ option from the menu or use JQL function from the list below.

JQL Functions:

JQL Function Name



JQL Function Name




No options mean to search for all colors.
Set of available colors: GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, RED, PINK, YELLOW.
You can search for several colors, for instance:
issue in myFavorites(“RED“, “GREEN“)

Favorite issues or grouped by color favorite issues.

sharedFavorites(“username“, … colors)

Required at least 1 input parameter “username“ and optional colors.

Shared by user: favorite issues or grouped by color favorite issues.

Bulk operation:

Mark as favorite/Remove from favorite. using the following bulk operation you can add selected issues to your favorite list and group them by the desired color. Use GREY color to remove from the favorite list.

Share your favorite list of issues:

You can share your favorite issues with several Jira groups of users, all Jira users, or with a custom set of users.