SCIM 2.0 from OneLogin to Jira

  1. Navigate to the OneLogin Administration page.
  2. On the top menu click Apps → Add Apps
  3. Find SCIM 2.0 app:
  4. Then after saving a new app, navigate to the Configuration tab of the new app. 
  5. Put your SCIM base URL(You can get it from the add-on configuration page in Jira) to SCIM base URL field. For example https://${your_domain}/jira/rest/user-provisioning/1.0/scim/v2
  6. Put your SCIM bearer token that you generated on the Jira SCIM Configuration page.
  7. Click button "Save" and "Enable". 

Then you should be able to monitor your users on the "Users" tab on the app configuration page.

Groups provisioning:

By default groups provisioning is disabled. Please perform the following steps in order to have groups provisioning as well:

  1. Before we start let's do synchronization of local Jira groups and Users for SCIM API. Click Sync Users and Groups on the Jira SCIM Configuration page:

  2. Navigate to Provisioning tab and click Refresh button in App settings on the One Login side
  3. Navigate to Parameters tab in App settings on the One Login side and click Groups
  4. Then you can select a group list that you want to sync

  5. Then when you add a user to your app you will be able to define groups for him and do changes for other members.